4-5 October 2022

This is the 2022 agenda, we are working on the 2023 agenda and will update soon.

Embracing Change to Enable a Data Powered Tomorrow

Data is a critical business asset at the heart of helping organisations adapt to the ever-shifting environment.

All timings are in GMT (UK). A 1pm UK start time is 8am in New York, USA and 8pm in Singapore. We hope to see you there.



Organisations that can adapt and embrace uncertainty can thrive. Data and analytics leaders are well positioned to help their businesses navigate and lead during these times. 

You will hear practical advice and stories from the trenches of strategies and tactics used to drive change. We will address the most critical subjects for a successful transformation:

  • Overcoming resistances to drive change

  • Organisational structures to accelerate data-centricity
  • Business wide data literacy and upskilling into data roles

  • Strengthening the foundation of your D&A execution strategy

  • Tools and techniques for effective last-mile data delivery



No change is possible without a strong leader, the change agent. Developing the skills, and applying the right strategies is critical for success of every data and analytics leader.

You will hear inspiring stories and debates, aimed to help you improve as a leader, and become more effective in building best-in-class teams.

  • Data story-telling and communicating the value of your work
  • Influencing up: Data leaders and the board
  • Fostering diverse, creative and productive teams
  • Measuring data as a critical business asset

  • The ever changing the role of the CDO


Our agenda is built to showcase speaker experiences and knowledge in exploiting data, and to make critical business decisions to drive success.

Peer knowledge sharing

Meet the world’s leading data and analytics experts and thought leaders

A fantastic opportunity to listen to experts from different industries discuss the same challenges you are likely to face, providing a sounding board for ideas and a form of therapy for some challenges you currently face.